Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Reunion 2012

 Hello Family! Long time no see! Here are just a few photos from the family reunion. Sorry if I was a bit biased towards one side of the family. However, I tried to get pics of most little ones. Don't be sad if there isn't a picture of you! You can just hire me on to do your family pictures! At the family discounted price too. ;) Enjoy the pictures and feel free to copy and save them. I had to make them small enough to be able to post all in one. So if there is a picture that you would like to blow up bigger then a 5x8 let me know I can put the original HUGE file on a cd for you. Love you guys! Be safe and sound! So all the photos will not fit. So add me on facebook if you have an account. We are Clarihans Glasmann or Clariphoto. Then I can show you other photos!